Need to get your life back?

The body is a marvellous machine but it's also a complicated one and when it stops working smoothly it can have a huge effect on your life. In my patients this often presents itself in an underactive or overactive thyroid, in Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes and in Polycystic Ovaries.


  • So, can't remember the last time you felt well?
  • Feeling worried about getting your condition under control?
  • Confused about the conflicting advice?


As a central London-based endocrinologist I provide expert help for people struggling with many and varied endocrine disorders. 


My job is to help diagnose the exact problem, restore your health and assist you to contend with related challenges you may face on a daily basis. To do this I make time to listen to your symptoms - not just your results. I also encourage you to ask me questions - however silly you fear they are.

If they're important to you they're important to me.

All of this helps me to avoid "standard" treatments - it's about trying different options for different patients. Does that sound like your sort of consultant?

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How quickly can I be seen?

  • Private patients can be seen within 48 hours.
  • Fixed Clinic sessions are available on Monday,Thursday and Friday.
  • Ad hoc sessions are available at The Physicians' Clinic

Private inpatients or acute emergencies can be arranged via the Physicians' Clinic at Prince Grace Hospital when referred by your GP and admitted under the Acute Admissions team.

Please see my Contacts Page for the days and location of all clinics


Fees and your first visit

If you are a self-pay patient my fees are £275 at the first visit and £200 for follow up visits

If you are insured my fees will be within the schedule of charges set by your medical insurer. Please make sure your policy covers consultations by checking with your insurer as this is not automatically the case.

For a first visit you will simply need to bring along a copy of the referral letter, any other relevant correspondence, recent blood test results and/or investigation results.

"Dr Vanderpump is the only doctor I have seen in the last 3 years of illness who cared enough to carry out diagnostic tests to reach a diagnosis.  An excellent Doctor"*

*GMC Patient Survey Results January 2013

"Very reassuring and precise with the diagnosis and treatment.  Between consultations secretary was always there to help and give information - very important"*

*GMC Patient Survey Results January 2013

"Dr Vanderpump made me feel very safe and less anxious about my health and what he felt was the problem"*

*GMC Patient Survey Results January 2013

"Conscientious, pleasant professional manner, with an appropriate sense of humour"*

*GMC Patient Survey Results January 2013

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