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How quickly can I be seen?

  • Private patients can be seen within 48 hours at any clinic and seldom wait longer than one week if requiring to be seen at a specific clinic
  • Fixed Clinic sessions are available on Monday,Thursday and Friday.
  • Ad hoc sessions are available at The Physicians' Clinic

Private inpatients or acute emergencies can be arranged via the Physicians' Clinic at Prince Grace Hospital when referred by your GP and admitted under the Acute Admissions team.

Please see my Contacts Page for the days and location of all clinics


Fees and your first visit

If you are a self-pay patient my fees are £275 at the first visit and £200 for follow up visits

If you are insured my fees will be within the schedule of charges set by your medical insurer. Please make sure your policy covers consultations by checking with your insurer as this is not automatically the case.

For a first visit you will simply need to bring along a copy of the referral letter, any other relevant correspondence, recent blood test results and/or investigation results.

International Patients

I am proud to have been the former President of the British Thyroid Association and of working as a private consultant endocrinologist in London - a centre which has long been recognised as the centre of medical excellence and life saving treatments.

Because of this my international patients can take advantage of medical advances  which are not always available to them in their home country.

I am here to support private individuals, embassy and diplomatic staff and company sponsored patients who are seeking a high quality of service and care. To begin consultation you are simply required to download this form and submit it with a medical report which should be in English and no more than 2-3 weeks old. We will then respond with a scheduled appointment and cost. 

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