Unfortunately the smooth running of our body is not something we can take for granted, and it's not always easy to diagnose the exact problem...especially when apparently diverse symptoms present themselves.


I have had many years of experience as an Endocrinologist and former President of the British Thyroid Association. On this page I explain the differences between an underactive thyroid and an overactive thyroid and about thyroid cancer.


Patient Feedback


I wanted to thank you for your kindness,  support and advice when it mattered the most.


"He understood me and my condition and treated my condition perfectly"


"Always very helpful, excellent doctor - one of the best endocrinologists"


"My mum was absolutely blown away by Dr. Vanderpump's level of knowledge, professionalism and action-oriented mindset. It has been an overwhelmingly positive experience re patient care in contrast to her treatment on the pathway to date"




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As a consultant specialising in thyroid health I see a large number of people with an underactive thyroid (or hypothyroidism). It may surprise you to know that as many as 1 in 50 women have this condition. Many of these have struggled to get this correctly diagnosed and, as such, may have:

  • felt tired and unwell for long periods of time
  • lacked concentration and experienced memory loss
  • experienced depression
  • battled with weight gain
  • struggled with conception

As you know this condition is lifelong,  but it can be managed through an effective therapeutic regime and it is my job to identify this with you and support you with ongoing advice and treatment where required. 

There is more detailed information about Hypothyroidism on this Patient Information Sheet

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Most common in women aged 20 to 50,  hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) often presents itself via weight loss.  However this outward sign is usually accompanied by

  • restlessness
  • anxiety
  • tremor
  • palpitations
  • difficulty sleeping
  • excessive sweating
  • dryness of skin
  • light or skipped periods

Since these symptoms seem rather random, the condition is often unrecognised at first glance. This is not good news as, left untreated, this can lead to abnormal hearth rhythm, angina and even heart failure.  it can also lead to osteoporosis

With treatment there is a good outlook and most of the symptoms and risk of complications will go. There is more detailed information on Hyperthyroidism on this Patient Information Sheet

If you  think that it would be to your advantage to have intensive expert advice going private may be the answer.


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Thyroid Cancer

Whilst this is a common endocrine cancer, Thyroid Cancer is relatively rare in terms of overall cancers.

In this video I explain about the condition, the tests, the different likely outcomes and I also share three patient journeys.

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Patient Feedback February 2020

"I was really pleased to have this consultation, at a very difficult time post cancer treatment, I felt that the advice was thorough up to date and allowed me to make some important choices
about my future treatment"



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