The increased risk of Diabetes for ethnic minorities

on Mon 27 Oct


You might be surprised to know that Type 2 diabetes prevalence is strongly associated with ethnicity.  According to a recent report by Public Health England, Type 2 diabetes affects people of South Asian, African-Caribbean, Chinese or black African descent up to a decade earlier than white Europeans. In fact:


  • Women of Bangladeshi or Black Caribbean ethnicity are three times more likely to be diagnosed with Diabetes
  • Bangladeshi men are four times more likely and
  • Women of Pakistani ethnicity are five times more likely


Studies suggest this is likely to be a combination of a build up of fat around the waist and a higher risk of insulin resistance.


Unfortunately seeking treatment is often delayed due to a worry about ethnic insensitivity and possible language problems.


If these concerns are being voiced by any of your friends, relatives or colleagues, please assure them that medical professionals are mindful of these problems and we are here to help in any way we can.


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