Pituitary Gland

The symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of Hypophysitis

Dr Mark Vanderpump on Thu 4 May

Originally thought to mostly affect women during or after pregnancy, Hypophysitis is now recognised as a disorder affecting both men and women and over a large age range...

Thyroid Principles explained

Dr Mark Vanderpump on Tue 18 Apr

You may hear your GP referring to your T3 and T4 levels.  But what exactly are they? This animation explains

The facts about prolactinomas

Dr Mark Vanderpump on Fri 10 Feb

There has been a good deal of concern and confusion about prolactinomas (benign tumours of the pituitary gland) since the sad death of Tara Palmer Tomkinson in February 2017. This is mainly because she had recently revealed its diagnosis.

How replacement Thyroxine came about

Dr Mark Vanderpump on Wed 25 Mar

We've come a long way since we first solved our thyroid problems with the help of sheep!

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