How thyroid disease differs in children

Dr Mark Vanderpump on Thu 30 Jun

It can be very challenging to detect either hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism in a child. This post flags the warning signs for both conditions

Hypothyroidism and Down’s Syndrome

Dr Mark Vanderpump, Consultant Endocrinologist on Thu 28 Apr

Thyroid disease is more common in children with Down’s syndrome than in the general population. By the time they are adolescents around 15% of those with Down’s syndrome will have an underactive thyroid and the frequency continues to rise throughout adulthood.

Thyroid disorders and their effect on cognitive function, mood and emotions

Dr Mark Vanderpump on Thu 14 Jan

A healthy thyroid plays a vital part in brain chemistry, so we should not be surprised that a thyroid disorder can cause unpredictable mood changes. For example those with an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) can suddenly feel tense and anxious. They may experience panic attacks, impatience, be overactive and have an exaggerated sensitivity to noise.

What time should I take my Levothyroxine?

Dr Mark Vanderpump on Wed 19 Aug

There are very few guidelines in terms of the timing of taking Levothyroxine. Here's the latest thinking

Do I have a goitre?

Dr Mark Vanderpump on Tue 4 Aug

Goitres are a visible thyroid swelling which can occur with an overactive, underactive or normally functioning thyroid gland. 

Treatment of Primary Hypothyroidism and the L-T4/L-T3 debate

Dr Mark Vanderpump on Thu 25 Jun

Treatment of Primary Hypothyroidism and the L-T4/L-T3 debate

 The 2015 position statement of the BTA


Could you have Hypothyroidism?

on Thu 30 Apr

One million British women have been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism.  Many more may not realise that they have the condition.

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